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Welcome to Angle General Contracting

Angle General Contracting was founded in 1994, a totally specialized building construction company which is currently operating in the UAE. Angle is classified as Grade I in All Types of Building Construction and Steel Structure Contracting and executed many projects.

Angle have developed through the years and is now a fully equipped construction company which means Angle does not source out any of its major activities. Angle is a full house construction company with specialties in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
services and Oil & Gas.

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Angle's Commitment to Excellence and Growth

Angle follows the completion of each project with a quality evaluation session to ensure constant growth; there is nothing more important or valuable than our reputation. Quality, health & safety, schedules, attention to detail and professional management are of paramount importance to the company and its employees.

Our Vision

Providing construction solutions for our clients with the highest level of quality.

Angle's Workforce

Angle stands today with a dependent work force of more than 110 staff employees and more than 1150 labours.

Our Mission

Angle General Contracting will deliver high quality construction services and solutions in line with clients’ needs.

Angle Business

Angle General Contracting is a diverse contracting company; diverse in both what we build and how we build.

Who We Are !

Angle General Contracting presence has and continues to grow. The company’s activities and experience benefit directly with each entry to a new market. A network of offices in the United Arab Emirates truly provides Angle with a diverse source of experience, human resources assets, technical knowledge, and ability.

Angle Value

Angle General Contracting LLC.

Angle Commitment

We are committed to delivering what we promised on time, on budget and with the envisioned function successfully met. Going into new endeavor, we always listen carefully, first and foremost, to understand the scope and targets before thinking of how we can add value.

Each and every execution is guided by our well-defined processes and procedures in order to secure best results and deal proactively with potential risks.